Statement of Faith

First of all, thank you so much for wondering what I believe. I could quote you the Nicene Creed and that’d cover all my bases, quite profoundly. “We believe in God the Father, maker of all things seen and unseen…” I’m all in with that! But more importantly, I feel I should communicate what I believe and how it impacts what I do.

I’m all about HOPE…but not some sort of pie-in-the-sky, fingers-crossed, wishing. I believe that our only true hope is found in Jesus Christ, the only Son of God—the best demonstration of God’s love….ever! (John 3:16) Because of his death, our sins are forgiven. Because of his resurrection, we will live eternally. Having a personal relationship with God that is rooted in his unconditional love, we are then free to love others with this same kind of love.

My creative efforts, including the Live Hope Minute, are designed to communicate the truth of the gospel and how that leads to a life marked by hope, not only hope for this earthly life, but also for the life to come.

I love the word hope because people at all places in their spiritual journey can relate to it—we all desire hope. I want to use my creative endeavors to continually meet people where they are, and bombard them with hope as I see it in Scripture, the world around me, and in my own life.

HOPE, to me, is rooted in FAITH in Jesus Christ, is fueled by God’s LOVE received and God’s love given, and is guided by VISION for how we can each uniquely play a part in building His Kingdom.